Monday, March 8, 2010

The jig is up!!

So, you know the commercial about smoking? You know the one that pops up on a black screen with sayings like..."you wanted to quit when you got married"..."you wanted to quit before you turned 35"..."you wanted to quit before your first child" January 1, 2007, 2008 and so on.

Well, this is basically how I have lived my life with weight. I wanted to lose it before I got to high school. I wanted to lose it before Senior prom. I wanted to lose it before I graduated high school. I wanted to lose it before I graduated college. I wanted to lose it before my wedding...before my second wedding....before my 3rd (ok, that is another story for another time)

But you get the picture. Oh, I almost forgot...I wanted to lose it before EVERY vacation.

So, I remember when my daughter was born, I said to my husband, "I need to lose this weight before she is old enough to realize I'm fat."

First it started with a drawing of me a couple of days ago. It was a fat snowman looking picture. When I questioned her about it she replied, "mama, you do kind of look like a snowman". If that wasn't enough, it had another big ball in front of the middle ball. Assuming the was an extention of my already largely portrayed belly, I braced myself and asked, "what is this?" "it is a potato". Still not sure what that means, but I am not asking for anymore explanations about that.

The next day after my workout, I threw off my shirt because I was trying to cool down. I was walking around the house in my sports bra and running shorts. She looks at me and says in an accusatory voice, "mama, have you been eating a lot of junk today". "No, I haven't even eaten breakfast, why"? Now I knew I shouldn't have asked, but curiosity got the best of me. She just pointed at my permanent rubber duck and said, "your belly"!!

GUESS WHAT PEOPLE??? The jig is up. I've been found out by a 3 year old...maybe I will lose it by the time she goes to school......

On a side note, I did bump up my jogging 10 minutes today. So that is 30 minutes. I was praying to Jesus at about 15 minutes in because I feared my legs were going to break like toothpicks if I continued, but once I hit 20 minutes and 1 second, I realized I had jogged longer than I had before and it got easier, the last 5 minutes were almost dare I say?... a piece of cake.

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