Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A better name for this blog may be The morbidly obese jogger, but The Chubby Runner sounded so much nicer. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sally and I have been overweight since the day I entered puberty.

So after years of exercising and dieting I am ready to hit 40 this year and guess what? Still fat. After watching several episodes of Dr. Oz and watching people get in the truth tube to find out how unhealthy they are, I realized most of them were smaller than me.

While I know my weight is very unhealthy, I am still able to move and do a lot of things that people probably think I can't. That is when I decided to set a goal for myself. Which is quite simply to run a 5K by the time I hit 40 in October of this year.

Now a 5k isn't really that much....BUT, according to Dr Oz, I should be bed ridden having people bring me 2 dozen eggs and 3 lbs of bacon, with a loaf of toast! Let me say, being fat sucks. It has ruined tons of things in my life. But there are worse things. Do I want to lose the weight once and for all? YES! So, 3 weeks ago I began jogging. Currently, I only jog with my Wii Fit, which I know is way different than on the road or sidewalk. But it is a start. Give me a break, by Dr's calculations, I am morbidly obese....or maybe Super morbidly obese.

So currently, I am up to 20 minutes of jogging. I am not quite ready to jog outside yet. Because it is cold. And quite frankly, I don't want people to see a fat girl jogging. I mean it may offend them. My husband, who also struggles with weight, began running a couple of years ago. He informed me that when he runs outside (which he prefers) people drive by and yell mean things. "Like run fatty run". Seriously? I bet these are the same people who as little kids on the playground used to call me fat and pig and oink at me. I mean do you really ever grow out of being rude and mean? Maybe. But let me say, if you see this fat girl out running, I am trying to change my life and become healthy.


  1. i think you're great!! and you're going to kick this challenge in the butt! you and me, 5k baby!! we can turtle run together :)

  2. Sally-THIS IS AWESOME- it is exactly how I feel, however, my "workouts" have gotten side-lined with the "pounding" of illnesses in my family and for myself...I hope to be back on the road ASAP...you inspire me tho!!!