Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think I've lost my mojo!

Ok, my confession is that I have only worked out twice since finding out I am pregnant. AND I've known for 6 weeks. PATHETIC!!! I actually am afraid to get on my Wii Fit because I know it is going to yell at me. Good news, I have only gained 2lbs so far and I am heading out of the first trimester soon. I had all these grand plans to continue to work out during my whole pregnancy so I wasn't so far behind to train for the 5K.

The first trimester has left me in a fog, I would get up take a shower and have to nap because I was exhausted. Working out was the last thing on my was sleep and V8 juice. For some reason that is a weird thing I want early in pregnancy. Well, I noticed about 2 weeks ago, I began getting my energy back. I actually woke up early two days in a row and thought...I feel like I could work out today....but I didn't. I know in the past I have lost motivation, but it just seems like A LOT of work each day only to watch your belly get bigger.

Speaking of a big belly, I have decided the best thing about pregnancy is not having to hold your stomach in. It's great. And although, I am not too impressed with maternity clothes (although they are way better than they used to be) the big elastic belly is so comfy. I was tired of the permanent indentation of my waist from my regular jeans, it was getting hard to breathe. Oh wait, that happened before I was pregnant. (sigh)

So, this week it is my goal to at least get 3 workouts in. I have to get back on the bandwagon before I lose it and have people bringing me 4 supersize big mac meals in bed each day. No more excuses!!!

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