Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Money Back Guarantee!

While up early again with my coffee, trying to motivate myself to get on the treadmill, I come across a slew of informercials. I have mentioned this before but they always pull you in. You see the people trying to convince you that they are just like you. They have tried everything to lose weight, get rid of their acne and grow hair....or have hair permanently gone. But you know, this is the ONLY product that worked for them. Then you always see the flash of the bottom of the screen saying something about these are real people and not actors paid for thier testimony.

Let me just say, I am not naive enough to believe everything I see on T.V. or read on the internet. But I always think, if you truly struggled with weight or acne or no hair or too much, could you possible go on national t.v. and lie to people who struggle with the same thing? I mean doesn't that make you a mean person?

Being that I have been overweight most of my life, I can't imagine lying to anyone with that struggle to make a few bucks or see myself on t.v. I also sit and wonder, if THAT really worked, wouldn't fat, bald, acne ridden and hairy people be extinct? Why do we still have all these problems if all that stuff works?

As you can tell, I am a deep thinker at 4:45 in the morning. It may be the only time my brain truly functions (before the kids are up). It has given me the idea to actually try some of these products and blog my results. I mean I am not gonna lie. I am going to give you the truth. I am known for being too truthful at times, but I appreciate knowing the truth no matter how painful.

My first product I would like to "try out" is that Tummy Tuck Miracle system. It is basically a band you wear around your belly after putting on their special cream. You wear it for 10 minutes while doing some little toning exercises. Then you take it off and go about your slimming belly day. It says you can use it in addition to diet and exercise, but of course you don't need to. Its one of them eat like a pig and sit on your butt all day and watch your belly shrink and then switch over the QVC and buy yourself some new jeans cuz your gonna need em you hottie. And I realize that was a run on sentence but I did it for visual effect and humor content.

Let me just say, I am a firm believer in the true way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise. But considering I hold most of my weight in my belly what have I got to lose? I know $40 right? BUT, I figure I have spent more than that on "miracle creams" before and if it doesn't work, I'll have a mosturized gut and a cheap girdle. I mean I paid way more for my Spanx.

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