Monday, June 14, 2010

Pros and cons of a chubby pregnancy!

So there are a lot of things about being chubby and preggo that stink. Like finding maternity clothes. Seriously, it is like fat people don't get pregnant. AND, just like when I was a chubby pre-teen, the clothes get uglier as the sizes go up. I have been to EVERY plus size web site for maternity clothes and they all have the same two HIDEOUS bathing suits. Then, I go to the mall this week and check out Motherhood...yep, same two bathing suits.

Also, the fact that most people who don't know I am pregnant, think I am just fatter than normal. I have often thought about buying one of those shirts with the arrow pointing that say "under construction" just to let people know I am preggo. I have found myself in public putting my hand on my belly and sometimes rubbing it in an attempt to convince them I AM REALLY PREGNANT here. Of course, that could also look like I just had a good time or a really bad time at the nearest buffet.

And, I can't forget the continuting doctor's appointments that force me on the scale every time I go. I love how they have the scales in the hallway now. Not only does that let every one walking by peek at "your number" (and my sister has admitted to me she does this to others) BUT it doesn't allow you to strip off any clothes. I mean seriously, the doctor seems to want you naked to check out an ear infection, but not to weigh you!!! It is truly making me crazy. During one of my ultrasound appointments the nurse stopped at the scales....."I'm getting an ultrasound today" I almost screamed at her. She made me hop on the scale anyway, despite the fact that I had an extra 16 ounces of water in me.

BUT, I have realized that some things are really good about being preggo and chubby. For instance, I have decided I may never return to regular jeans again. I found myself some maternity jean shorts recently. I put them on and not only can I breathe, but I am downright comfy in the things. I mean I feel like I am in pajama pants. The plus size people should of gotten a hold of this elastic waistband all the way around years ago. Normally to get pants to fit in the waist, I have to walk around with huge amounts of fabric surrounding my thighs. That is NEVER a good look by the way.

Also, when people realize I am pregnant, all of the sudden my belly is admired. They actually look at it and smile. Sometimes not being able to resist the urge to touch it. Which can be irritating. I have actually looked at them and said, "that isn't the baby...that's just fat"! I LOVE not sucking in my belly either. I mean literally when you are preggo you can't. You don't realize how much you really do that until you are pregnant.

AND THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING ABOUT BEING CHUBBY AND PREGNANT???!!! I actually had someone tell me the other day, "You need to eat". WHAT?!! That never happens.
Someone gave me permission to eat!!! AND, if they seeing you eating, "diet food" they tell you., "you should be eating more than that" REALLY? My favorite is when they tell you that you ARE eating for two now! I've already been doing that for years!!! Seriously, when you are pregnant you only need 300 more calories than normal. Not an extra 1500 a day!!

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  1. I hate getting weighed at the doctor's office! Great post! And congrats on the new little one!