Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank you, please come again!!!!

Years ago I worked in retail.  Sometimes the very word retail can make me shudder.  Working in retail can be fun I guess, but that would require you to love to work with the public.  I used to think I loved people.  Then I went to work in retail.  Then I went to work at a credit union.  You think people are crabby when you mess their sale up at the register, you should see people when you are dealing with their money. 
One job I have never done, nor think I could handle is a waitress.  People also get very crazy about their food.  So I can sympathize with those working with the public.  Its tough.  However, I also think you should probably be good with people to do these types of jobs.  If you aren't you better well sure know how to fake it. 
Lately, I have been noticing more and more the poor customer service in the stores I frequent.  I know as you age you have a sense that "things were sure different when I was young", but I can tell you, I would not have lasted in retail for a day if I wasn't able to communicate and be helpful and friendly with the customers. 
Case in point,  have you noticed the people who wait on you and barely speak?  I think I have been grunted at a couple of times.  What happened to hello, thank you?  What ever happened to "going the extra mile"?  And seriously, you better make sure whatever you have has a price tag on it, because that throws them over the edge.  They don't seem to know how to find the price, they have to call a manager, call the department, call security.  Its is annoying.  The other day, I returned a pair of shoes that broke a strap the first time I wore them.  The lady at the service desk, looked and said I've never seen these before.  Then she stammered around looking for the code until finally I said, "do you want me to go back and get another pair"?  AND she let me.  Seriously, isn't that YOUR job? 

I also find it disturbing when the cashiers or workers talk bad about each other to the customers.  And while I'm at it, QUIT, rolling your eyes, sighing, telling me you have worked for 14 hours straight or 14 days without a day off.  It's none of my business you are going through a divorce or fighting for custody of your children or you have a fungus on your left foot that itches.  JUST RING UP MY GROCERIES PLEASE. 

I think I must have a face for it.  Strangers like to tell me their "stuff".  One time while running the drive thru at the credit union, I had a lady tell me through the speaker (this was before head phones) that her husband was cheating on her.  Sometimes I walk away from a store or restaurant and think I am owed a fee for counseling. 

Today was another example.  I was in the yogurt section while a gentleman was stocking.  I was talking to my daughter about how I was looking for unsweetened Greek yogurt.  He pipes in.  "that stuff isn't any better for you, its harder to make and more expensive thats all."  I thought, "oh I guess since you put it on the shelves, you are a yogurt expert".  Then somehow it came up about living until you are 90.  "I don't want to live until I'm 90 he said, there won't be any social security for us anyway".  I said, "well maybe by then I will be financially independent"...."yea, right like that is gonna happen he says".  By the time the conversation was over, I wanted to walk over to the milk open the freezer and slam it on my neck until I ended it all.

Look for those of you who really know me, you are aware negativity is a thing I struggle with a lot.  I mean call me on a bad day and I will make you want to gouge your eyes out and jump off a cliff.  I'm just saying, if you work with the public, at least fake it people.  I used to think the scan it yourself idea was horrible.  BUT the more I deal with the workers the more I think we are on to something.   We are so horrified that machines are taking over and replacing jobs but I gotta tell you, I would rather have a robot wait on me sometimes.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Me and my BIG mouth.

So first a disclaimer....I should probably not post after having martinis.  But oh well, so here goes.
I find myself totally mortified by ever saying I would run a 5K.  I mean literally, what the heck was I thinking?  By all accounts I should be having people bring me loads of food while I bask in my fatness in my bed (specially made to handle the enormous weight load)  I mean isn't that what morbidly super obese people do? 

Before you think I am judging those people, let me just say I am not.  I have learned in the last 10 years NEVER judge a person, because it seems as if every time I do, WHAM, I am in the same situation.  But really what was I thinking?  FAT PEOPLE SHOULD NOT RUN.  It causes issues.  I mean it is a wonder my knees and ankles haven't revolted and broken in mid run.  So this week I find myself 6 weeks away from Chubby Runner D Day.  When the thighs hit the road with others who actual consider themselves athletes.  I am freaking out.  What have I gotten myself into?
My only comfort this week was thinking of my newly signed up brother-in-law, who has decided (on a whim) he will give it a go with the rest of us.  Now the rest of us have been training, or at least unlike my brother-in-law walking to someplace other than the fridge.  I love the man but he it a total FOODIE!  With a capital F.  This is one of the reasons I love him sooooo much.  But I was thinking well at least I will beat him RIGHT?  Until my sister informed me that when he went to the track with her one evening a couple of years ago he ran the whole time she walked.  THIS IS WHEN HE SMOKED 2 packs of cigarettes a day.  He doesn't smoke anymore.  He is currently planning out where we should eat the night before the race.  He is thinking brats and beer.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  "Runners need to carb load he says". 

I find myself getting bitter.  I thought when I started running I would actually start to love it.  Which some days I do (for a brief moment)  Then I get irritated thinking of the random stranger who gazed into my cart to see some Oreos and gave me the look like "honey put those back".   Sometimes when I am hoofing it on the treadmill I think of those people and how they have no clue my 'super obese" butt was up at 5 a.m running on a treadmill while you were probably driving to McDonalds to get your two sausage biscuits. 

This whole weight thing is not fair.  And training for a 5K has proved even more unfair for this chubby girl.  My body hurts and I want to give up.  Not to mention, I continue to struggle with very little weight loss.  BUT I am doing it.  I have shaved 4 minutes off my mile.  When I started running I could only run at 3 miles an hour now I can do 4 miles an hour.  One things I dislike about myself is how bull headed I can be.  But in this case it is the driving force that keeps me running on those painful days. 

So July 28th comes quickly, and I can tell you, if my brother in law tries to pass me during the run, he will get tripped.  But I really find that unlikely when he will probably be trying to eat a brat during the run.  I love you droopy dog BUT YOU"RE GOING DOWN!!!!