Friday, October 5, 2012

Diet Coke please light ice!!!

I know it has been a while since my last blog but life is always busy and this happens to end up last on the list.  I mean I think my children and husband should be fed and have clean clothes to wear before I am blogging away about my crazy me old fashioned!

Since my last post, I have visited a new dr. and nutritionist and am happy to say they have listened and gave me an action plan in my weight loss/health journey.  Things are moving in the right direction so I feel hopeful that I can turn this ship wreck around.  This new dr. believes in mind, body spirit health.  I like the fact that he see the whole person as all being connected and not just willing to throw a bottle of pills and me and tell me to lose weight.  He is actually giving me the tools and support to do so.  WOW.  Such a difference to what I've experienced in the past.

During my first meeting with the nutritionist, she told me I was built for famine.  SEE, all along I was right.  I have said for years my ancestors lived where they only got a couple of meal a year so they stored it all as fat and held on to EVERY calorie for survival.  I also happen to believe they were in a cold climate, therefore having to produce tons of body hair to keep warm.  Yep, my family is full of hairy fattys.  (BUT WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE)

I realized after my first appointment with the doctor, I forgot to mention my dirty little addiction to Diet Coke.  Of course, I quickly scanned the "acceptable" drink list they gave me and guess what?  No Diet Coke listed.  So this last appointment, I fessed up.  I thought he would brush it off as no big deal.  But he says, "oh?"  And I heard.  "You will die by midnight if you drink one more."  But then he tells me they give it to lab mice and they get fat and no one really knows why for sure.  So I set out a plan before him of how I plan to kick the habit.  My plan is not to buy it at home, therefore forcing me to have to go out to get it. 

Fast forward a week later, when I am hurling curse words (under my breath, I have children in the car) at the construction workers at McDonald's for putting up the stop sign and letting the other traffic move right when I was getting ready to pull in the drive-thru.  I mean I almost got the shakes here.  It is 3 in the afternoon and I have not had a Diet Coke for over 24 hours.  So I finally get my "fix" and as I drive away with the first sip sliding happily down my throat with its familiar burn and sachrianny taste ( I am pretty sure sachrianny is not a word, but give me a break, I blog not write masterpieces) one of my favorite songs from the Black Crowes comes on the radio, its called She talks to Angels.

It is about a women with an addiction.  As I turn it up, I hear this line...."theres a smile when the pain comes, pain gonna make everything alright."  OH HELP ME LORD!!!  I am officially a Diet Coke addict.  I literally smile and take a few deep breaths with my first sip every time.  I smoked for years and cigarettes never gave me that kind of feeling.  I got it bad people. 

So, being that this blog made me do a 5K, due to the fact that I am a person on my word.  I have chosen a date this month (with another addicted buddy who shall remain nameless) to kick the habit. 
That is my plan.  Its now out there for the world to know.  I am a person of my word.  So I have to do this. 

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