Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'll take a basket of onion rings please!!

Today I woke up groggy in a strange place. Due to some home repairs we have relocated for a few days. After my initial "where am I" thought, my next thought was, "I'm still going to be fat this summer" SIGH! I find myself in a place of total diet frustration. Its a familiar place for me. I also wondered how many times I woke up with food on my mind. What should I eat today? Not because I am hungry, but because I have laid in bed many mornings wondering...should I eat low fat today?...or low carb...or a fast? how about a 3 day fast? I could just drink juice or eat just fruits and veggies??!! Let me just say I AM EXHAUSTED!!!! I have been training seriously for the 5k for 3 weeks and I have gained weight. I know what you are thinking! "well, what have you been eating?! Well no more than I was 3 weeks ago with NO EXERCISE!!!!

I have to tell you I am becoming an angry fat girl. I am starting to "totally dislike" (I would use the word hate but my mama always told me thats a strong word) people who "on a whim" decide to do some exercise a couple times a week and drop 4 dress sizes. I find it extremely irritating that someone can give up "fast food" and drop 20 lbs. REALLY? And don't give me that crap about parking your car farther away from the shopping mall, and taking the stairs and giving up regular pop or replacing one meal a day with a protein shake!!!! DONE IT ALL. STILL FAT! I must go up the stairs 30 times a day.

Yesterday, I caught a commercial for the weight loss drug Alli. I actually considered it and I am totally anti drug for weight loss. I mean eventually you have to stop taking the drug and then you gain the weight back right? I believe Alli is the one that gives you, "greasy gas". Yep, like when you "pass wind" as my aunt used to say, you leave a greasy stain in your pants!!! I don't know if its true, but I was desperate enough to ponder the thought for a minute. I mean come on people, I am so desperate to lose a few lbs (ok a lot more than a few) that I would be willing to take a drug that possibly would leave my pants looking like the soaked piece of paper at the bottom of an onion ring basket? This craziness has to stop.

I seriously wished I would have never put all this out for everyone to read. Then I could just go hide in the closet with a 6 pack of Yoo hoo and some Reeses peanut butter cups and be left alone.
But I wanted some accountability. If I know others are watching, I thought I would "do better". Like when you have to be put on the scale each week at a Weight Watchers meeting. You have "pressure" to do better. That donut you are about to eat will show up on the scale and you will feel the embarrassment as the 'weigher"writes down your weight.

Oh well, sorry for the rant. One day, I am going to carry around a paper and pen and write down every thought that goes through my head in a day....then you would all KNOW I am crazy

Oh, before I forget, the Poo-Pourri has my vote. I took it to my family's Easter celebration and was disappointed when no one has "to go". Every time someone headed to the bathroom I was like, "you gotta poo?" I wanted to share my latest find with everyone. I know that I will feel a lot more confident with that little spray bottle in my purse.

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