Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hows that working for ya?

My favorite all time lines of Dr. Phil's is when he asked one of his guests, "hows that working for ya"? During the last year, I have done a lot of thinking and soul searching on the whole weight loss journey I feel like I've been on since I came out of the womb. That of course is a gross exaggeration but it feels that way to me. Anyway, I think I need to change some things up. Because by looking at my jean size all my attempts to lose weight "ain't working for me"!!

So I have made a vow, not to say I am on a diet. I mean come on, we all know diets don't work. Richard Simmons figured this out in the eighties. Remember when he came out with this one..."the word diet has the word DIE in it. I don't want you to die, I want you to live". So he referred to his weight loss program and a "liveit". God bless that little curly headed man in his ultra tight striped shorts!!! All joking aside, he had it right. It is truly about lifestyle change. Diets don't work. I've tried them all and last time I checked...still fat.

So I thought of some of my typical pitfalls. First of all no mention of the word diet. Second of all I will never start my "lifestyle change" on January 1st or Monday. Those days are doomed to end in failure when you are trying to lose weight. I need to also get rid of my "all or nothing" attitude. For example, I started counting points with Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago. I feel like this program enables you to eat real food, teach portion control and let you live a normal life while trying to shed pounds. I thought maybe I would let myself have Sunday as a cheat day. First week went well, then cheat day Sunday came (which I should know the word cheat is not very promising) I will refer to it as a "free day" Well, "free day" Sunday came and turned into "free day" Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. What the heck is wrong with me? I am either counting every point and measuring my low fat mayo with a teaspoon or I am eating whatever I want all day long!!!

It became obvious to me that I had racked up more "free days" in life by the looks of my waist. I am like that with exercise too. I either work out EVERY day for an hour or don't do it at all. I firmly believe and I think experts say this, you will not lose weight until you are so sick of being overweight you have to make the changes. I have been there. Before I had my first daughter, I worked out 7 hours a week, ate nothing white (flour, sugar, potatoes) and wouldn't eat even an apple 3 hours before bedtime. I did lose weight. Problem is I haven't had that kind of motivation since. I saw a spark of it when I began training for the 5K back in February. But then the pregnancy and adding another baby to the mix has thrown me again off the wagon.

So there it is. I am struggling. And it is out there for all of you to know. Some days I could kick myself for starting this blog and saying I'd run a 5K because I have doubt. Not that I CAN do it...but that I WILL. Thanks to all of you who are cheering me on and thanks for letting me be honest and ramble with all my craziness.


  1. i hear you friend. i know its not the same... but i never could lose weight either until right before gavin and i lost 25+lbs... and since then its been much easier for me to get in the swing of things, but since charlotte is been a little daunting seeing as i have to lose double that number. praying for that motivation and spark of encouragment for you. that the lbs would fall. that it wouldn't feel like tortureous hard work. that you would feel freedom in ways you never knew existed. rooting for you. <3 and there is a lot said for just plain honesty. :)

  2. I'm so proud of you sally. you are so much fun to read and i love your honest ramblings! you're going to do it, i just know you are!! you can do anything. i can't wait to be able to run with you. if you run a 5k before i have the baby, I'll come to the race dressed as our curly-haired gym-rat fav, the Sims, and be cheering you on the whole way!! i love you!