Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm baaaaaack!! Wow, I can't believe it has been since August since my last blog. I have given birth and now it is time to get serious about running that 5k. I have had my baby, and been released by my doctor. I have to tell you, I am struggling with finding time for a workout taking care of a house, husband and two children. I actually did my first workout several weeks ago. It was a walk/jog type of workout. It took me a while to get up the nerve to actually jog. I was anticipating pain considering I have a scar from my c-section that required 27 staples. When I took my first few steps of jogging I was wincing in anticipation of the pain. After about 30 seconds, I realized it didn't hurt and it felt incredible to be able to run again. Considering, I hadn't worked out since March. Then I was put on bed rest so I pretty much laid around the last month of my pregnancy. When I realized I could jog with little effort and felt much like I hadn't lost much time, I began to smile. Until 3 minutes into it and I could have sworn I was having an asthma attack. And I don't have asthma by the way!

I spent most of my pregnancy worrying about weight gain. I have very little willpower when I am pregnant. I want to eat what I want....and I am ashamed to say McDonalds was my craving this time. Now before, in an attempt to refrain from this, I would have no cash on me most of the time when I left the house to run errands...the debit card ruined that plan. I gained 51 lbs with my first pregnancy and I still had about 20 left when I got pregnant this time. In all, I gained 31 lbs. I also had my daughter 1 month early so I escaped that last month of weight gain...so I am pretty sure I would have been close to 50 lbs again. I lost all the weight within 6 days which I WAS THRILLED about, especially when my pre-pregnancy jeans fit.

But I have to share something that was said to me at a get together Friday night. I didn't know this person which makes it even more shocking. I was feeding my baby when this lady walks up to tell me how beautiful she was. We talked a little bit about the baby and how she was sleeping and things of that nature. When all of the sudden she looks at me and said, "its really hard to lose that baby weight isn't it?" My response to her was, "lady, I lost all my baby weight in 6 days, this (pointing to my belly) is all me, not from being pregnant". This is why I love being 40. If that would have happened in my 20's I would have agreed with her about what a loser I was (not a loser of weight of course) and cried for weeks over such a comment. But there is something about aging that is wonderful. People's opinions and comments don't matter to you anymore. Yeah, I thought about it on my way home, but I definately didn't lose sleep over it.

But I can guarantee, that I will lose sleep over it tonight...because my 6 am workout comes quickly. And maybe just maybe the words of a rude stranger will inspire me to work a little harder.


  1. did you know kelly rippa is 40 too? two cool people i know/pretend to know because i think they're great who love being 40. you are cool sally p. lets hang out!

  2. Sally,
    Good for you. And congrats for turning 40! Yes, there is a certain confidence that comes with age. Also, when you have experienced loss (like we both have),the tolerance for the ignorance (and BS) of others decreases. Keep up the writing and keep being beautiful YOU, Sally! -xo