Friday, November 11, 2011

Pros and Cons

So how many times in our lives have we made a list of pros and cons? Usually this tactic is used to make a big decision in one's life. Being overweight doesn't seem like a reason to make one of those lists. I mean the list for being overweight would all be cons right? I mean we know, high blood pressure, diabetes, and lets not forget poor fashion choices!!! But, being a chubby girl for as many years as I have that con list can be a girl down, so are there pros to being overweight? I think maybe.

First overweight people invent things. Like that bowl at KFC. You know the one with the pile of potatoes, and chicken nuggets, and corn and cheese. I think they added bacon recently also. The first time I saw that advertised on T.V. , I turned to my husband and said, "you know a fat person created that". I mean I can see a ravenous chubster like myself scrounging through the kitchen looking for something to eat and start piling that all together in a bowl of delicious yummyness. People who like to eat are responsible for some of the best tasting recipes on earth. I haven't done my research but I am pretty sure you can track butter, mayonaise and cheese all to the chubbies.

Another thing I am not sure about but I am pretty sure the that we can also take responsibility for Anti Monkey Butt. Yes this is an actual name of a product for anti-chaffing. I am pretty sure this was a chubby man invention. Because I believe a women would have given it a better name like Silky Moves. The reason I say this is because have you ever noticed plus size women store names....Lane Bryant, 16 Plus, The Avenue. Men's plus size clothes shops come to terms with the situation right in there name....Big and Tall. It reminds me of the chubby boy jeans called husky.

Another Pro of being overweight (since jr. high) was that I was not worried about my weight when I showed up for my 20 year high school class reunion. I mean it wasn't like I was skinny in high school and then showed up packing another 80 lbs. People expected me to show up like this. Sure it would have been nice to walk in looking like I just came from my after commercial for Jenny Craig, but I gotta tell you, it really took the pressure off. This stresses some people out so bad they don't even go. I went and was like, "yep, still fat".

So, I am in no way trying to make light of being overweight. It really does stink. I could give you a longer list of cons, but I refuse to being a whiny butt over it. It is my problem and I own it. Will I ever quit trying to lose weight? No, I will struggle with this issue (whether I lose weight or not) until I leave this earth. Besides, if I focus on the negative that will depress me and then I will want to eat, but then again maybe KFC is looking for another unhealthy way to serve up greasy chicken and I could be instrumental in that creation.