Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleepless nights

Recently, I have experienced insomnia....for the first time in my life. Sure I've had the occassional "sleepless nights" but never to this degree. Like being up for 3-5 hours in the middle of the night. Most nights I just lay there and feel sorry for myself. Other nights I pray for anyone and everyone that comes to mind. But some nights I just have to get out of bed and head for the T.V.

So flipping through the channels in the middle of the night has given me a wealth of knowledge. First of all, I never knew that only fat, pimply faced people who are lonely and just may need a juicer are the ones watching the T.V. at that time of night.

What I'm saying is that the infomercials are RIDICULOUS!!!! Everyone has the answers for weight loss, and clear skin. AND oh, I can't forget "painless" hair removal. Seriously, there shouldn't be anyone overweight, hairy or have bad skin in the United States. The answers are all to be found on late-night T.V. AND after you lose the weight and get your skin clear, there are several dating services that can "hook you up" with Mr/Mrs. WONDERFUL!!!!

I have to admit, once I did buy something from an informercial. It was hair. Actually, it was hair pieces that fit secretly into your own hair to give you fullness and body. Being that my hair started thinning out when I hit 16, I fell for it. I can remember how excited I was to get it. This is where it gets pathetic. I actually can still see the strips of hair hanging from my bathroom towel rack as I individually dyed each one to match my hair. Now according to the infomercial, you can put them in and style them and your man can run his fingers through it and no one will know (except you) that you are wearing hair pieces. Imagine, my utter disbelief when I put them in only to leave obvious indentations where they were and with one fling of my new found beautiful shampoo commercial hair they flung out and hit the floor.

So maybe I have been burned and find anything "too good to be true" not worth my time. But I must say I enjoy watching the claims of these wonderful products that will "CHANGE YOUR LIFE"!!! They have given me some comedic relief during my sleepless nights...who knows maybe one of these nights, I may just pick up the phone and place an order. They all have a money back guarantee ya know?!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I was a great mom....then I had a baby!

With the birth of my second child quickly coming, I have been thinking a lot of how that will be changing my life. Of course, I can sit here and think out "how things will be" but I can tell you...that is a waste of my time. Motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought I was prepared. I wasn't even close. I would have to say that the number one lesson I have learned from becoming a mom is...."don't judge others....especially parents!"!!!

Let me just give you a couple of examples of why I say this. Obviously, my husband and I were older when our first one made her dramatic arrival into the world. Let me tell you the drama hasn't stopped since. Anyway, BEFORE we had a child, if we would be in a store or restaurant and a kid was throwing a fit, we would both look at each other and say (after an exaggerated eye roll).."shut that little brat up". Only to each other of course. We assumed that if a parent couldn't control their child's melt down in public, they were a total failure and the kid was doomed for juvenille hall one day. Let me just say when my little girl threw her first fit in a public place, I think we both panicked. We just wanted to get her out of there before people (like we used to be) were judging our parenting skills. Can I tell you now, when I see a kid throwing a fit in public, I give the mom and dad a little sympathetic smile letting them know, I SO GET IT!! All the while, thinking, "thank God that isn't my child"

AND potty training should be totally accomplished by the age of 3. I started at training our daughter at 2 1/2. Can I tell you she was still in Pull-Ups at 3. It wasn't until it was HER idea that she actually got it. Before, I assumed that children that didn't have their children potty trained by 3 were lazy parents and/or their child was slow!!!!

These are just a couple of examples of things I thought before having a child. I could go on and on with more examples of how wrong I was. Now I look back and think, "what did I know about children?" ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I will tell you that I have stepped out of the competition for mother of the year. I will never be perfect and I have bad days. I let myself off the hook on trying to compare and compete with other mothers. (because whether we admit it or not we are watching each other) I choose to try my best every day to raise this child as God wants me too. After all technically, she does belong to Him.

So I will tell you.....somedays I let my child run around in her pajamas all day. Sometimes, I let her eat in front of the television. Sometimes, she falls asleep before I have a chance to give her a bath or brush her teeth. Somedays, I let her watch way too much T.V. All things I said I would never do. So welcome to the world of motherhood and the reality of it all. This is what I have learned in my time as a mom. I look forward to the new lessons having another one will bring.

This is something my sister-in-law said to me before I had my first child. At first I didn't find it very comforting. She said, "Being a mother is 10,000 times harder than you think it will be...but 1,000,000 times more wonderful than you can imagine. I couldn't agree more.